Trustworthy People

How to Become a Participant:

Click here to begin your registration process to create a participant profile on our database. Please answer honestly. We will contact you for the next available project that you pre-qualify for based on the information that you provided during your registration, so be on the lookout! Check your email regularly for survey invitations and your answering machines to see if we contacted you.

We will then ask you some screener questions to see if you qualify based on our client requirements. If you do, we will schedule your testing session. We will provide you with the information you need to attend the session (instructions & directions, etc). After participating in the session by giving your time and opinions, you will get paid!

How do I edit my profile?

Please use the “Participant Login” box to the left on your browser. You must be logged into the site with your user name and password in order to access the registered member menus and areas. Once logged in the “Participant Menu” will be available for you to access your profile.

How much will I be paid?

This depends on the study and the length of time involved. Typical compensation is $100 per hour of testing.

How did you get my information?

We contacted you because we though you might be qualified and interested in participating in paid research with various companies! We would have received your information if you signed up on our website, through a referral, you participated in a research study with us in the past, or your information was provided to us by one of our clients. You contact information is used solely for the purpose of contacting you to invite you to get paid for your opinion. Our database is never shared with any third parties.

Why should I participate in a study?

Only a small number of interested people are invited to participate in studies.  You have been chosen because you fit a certain criteria (represent a certain demographic or population our clients are seeking). You will be compensated generously for your opinions. Your feedback will be used to improve existing products or services or to develop new products or services!

What happens during the study?

That depends on the type of study you are attending.

During a Focus Group, you will meet with 8-10 other people to discuss a product, service, or idea that is of interest to all of you. There will be a moderator to lead the discussion, and we are sure you will find this an interesting and fun experience. Naturally, you are always compensated for your time.

During a usability test (interview), you will meet with an interviewer who will ask you questions, There are no right or wrong answers to these questions – just your opinion. You may see a website, an idea for a new product or service, or be asked to taste or test a new product.

Why do you ask personal questions?

Like your age or income? It is because we must have representation in our surveys of certain demographic segments of the population. Your name, phone number and address are confidential and are never “sold” to companies that compile mailing lists or sales prospects.

Will I be called after the survey?

We realize you feel you have given us enough time and answered enough questions, so we make every effort to not call you back about a survey you have already done. There are exceptions, however. You may have agreed to take home a product to try and we will call you for your reactions to it. You will know this before you agree to take the product. The interviewer may have skipped a question or marked an answer incorrectly and we need the missing information.
Our clients occasionally call respondents as a follow-up and a quality assurance measure, to ensure that we have completed the project properly and according to their specifications.

Frequency of participating?

How often can I participate?

It is important that we provide fresh viewpoints for studies for our clients in order to collect accurate data. Marketing Research Industry standards suggest that you may participate no more than once every six months. You most likely will not qualify for every study we contact you about. Our topics vary and not everyone is a good fit for every study. Please do not take it personally! We will be in touch about other studies.

What are my responsibilities as a focus group participant or Usability Study Test participant?

Entrust Research & Recruiting, LLC and its clients rely on the integrity of participants to conduct accurate and meaningful research.

We ask that you:

  • Be truthful in answering questions about yourself and your habits.
  • Arrive for your appointment on time and ready to participate in the discussion.
  • Notify us immediately if you must cancel (please give us as much advance notice as possible).
  • Enjoy yourself! You are being compensated to give open & honest feedback. There are no right or wrong answers, just your opinion!

Where do these studies take place?

The majority of the research takes place at our client’s corporate offices. However, we also recruit for in-home/in-office interviews (meaning we will come to your home/office to conduct the interview), at various offsite locations such as a hotel or testing facility, at a store (shop-a-long) and lastly, online (remotely). The online studies may involve you connecting over web conferencing software provided by our clients.

My roommate/ friend/ spouse/family member already joined the database. Do I still need to join?

It is highly recommended. You will receive notifications immediately by having your own profile. Most importantly, we call people based on their demographics. We need YOUR demographics (information that is special to you and your individuality) to see if you might be appropriate for a particular study.