Job Opportunities

Entrust Research & Recruiting, LLC aims at offering wonderful opportunities for educated recruiter/phone surveyors to work part time and still pursue family obligations.

Working from home is what everyone wishes to do. Entrust Research & Recruiting, LLC provides work on contract basis. If you have some time to spare, either when your kids are out to school or while they are sleeping, this is the right place to excel.

If you think you have any of these below given qualities, CONTACT US and send your resume right away!

Are you Sociable?
• Do you enjoy speaking with others?
• Is your voice pleasant and well modulated?
• Do you have a natural reading tone without being stilted?
• Do you have any previous experience in professional telephone interviewing including sales, recruiting or customer service?

Are you well managed with your web and other computer skills?
• Are you capable of working freely with Microsoft Office?
• Are you a person who is engaged in searching the web world?

Are your communications and follow up skills top notch?
• Are you a good writer with exceptional communication skills?
• Are you detail oriented?
• Are you able to multitask efficiently & effectively with confidence?
• Are you comfortable in working independently and in a team setting?


*All hires that make more than $600 in ONE tax year, will be subject to a 1099 form.