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Entrust Research & Recruiting, LLC offers wonderful opportunities for educated recruiter/phone surveyors to work part – time on a contract basis and still pursue family obligations. If you have some time to spare, either when your kids are out to school or while they are sleeping, please CLICK HERE.


Kim_Devane_webKim Devane
Founder & Managing Director of Entrust Research & Recruiting, LLC

Kim is the founder and sole operator of Entrust Research and Recruiting, LLC, which has been in business for 10 years. Below is a background on how Entrust Research & Recruiting started. In early 2005, Kim began working for Staples Inc. as the Usability Coordinator. While in this role, she recruited numerous participants for usability and marketing studies & field research, conducted phone surveys and interviewed customers in stores.

While in her role at Staples, it became very clear that there was a need in the industry for reliable, consistent & honest recruiters, data collectors & phone surveyors. In 2006, Kim founded Entrust Research & Recruiting, LLC and starting consulting independently for the Staples Usability team, Staples Service Improvement team/Customer Satisfaction.

In 2007, Entrust Research & Recruiting, LLC expanded its client base by referrals from happy researchers!

Prior to working for Staples Inc., Kim graduated Magna Cum Laude with a B.A. in Psychology & Corporate Communications and had over a year of professional recruiting experience at an agency in Framingham, MA. Kim also has several years of work experience in the field of sales, marketing & public relations.

When the need arises, Kim utilizes her trained support staff for project assistance. In order to accommodate their family obligations, her support staff is pursuing part-time work. These women are College educated, detailed oriented, professional, & possess excellent communication skills. Click Here To Read Kim’s Article in BUSINESS TELEGRAM.COM

Kim is also a member of the Framingham State University Entrepreneur innovation Center.

Gina Cranford

Gina has been contracting with Entrust Research & Recruiting for over 5 years. She has worked on many recruiting projects throughout the years. Below is Gina’s experience prior to working with Entrust Research & Recruiting. Gina earned her bachelor’s degree in Music Education from the University of Connecticut, Storrs.  After graduation, she worked as a high school Choral Director, working with large groups of students and often presenting concerts to hundreds of people. During this time she received a master’s degree in Education from the University of Connecticut and also was a guest conductor for the Southeastern Massachusetts School Bandmasters Association annual festival choir. Gina also was an office manager for a portrait photography studio where she excelled in client relations.  Currently, she is employed as a teacher for Apple Country Music Together, a research based music and movement program for young children and their families. In addition to finding a high level of success in her teaching, Gina also has taken the lead in marketing this fabulous program to local families through print media, online sources and recently starred in a “walk-out” video which will be seen on Baystate Parent Magazine’s website.  Through countless hours of training and a passion for the subject, she has become an advocate for early childhood music education. Her recent article, “Sing with your Child”, appeared in the September 2011 issue of Baystate Parent Magazine.

Liz Nolan

Liz has been contracting with Entrust R & R for over 3 years. She has worked on many recruiting projects throughout the years. Below is Liz’s experience prior to working with Entrust Research & Recruiting. Liz earned her Bachelor degree in Business Management with a specialization in Human Resources from Briarwood College and Central Connecticut State University.  She has previously worked as a staff coordinator for a home health care agency, administrative assistant for Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles’ Commercial Vehicle Safety Division, and a Human Resources Representative for a hospital in New York. Each of these positions had a high emphasis on customer service, organizational and communication skills. After starting her family, she decided to stay at home, and started a Moms group called Northborough Moms and Tots. The group currently has over 300 members and offers playgroups, social activities for the moms and families, fundraising, and many opportunities to become involved in community service. Liz was a freelance writer for Northborough Patch covering school events and highlighting student achievements in Northborough schools. She also currently volunteers as PTO Communications  Coordinator for her son’s elementary school.

Nat Melanson

Nat has been contracting with Entrust R & R for over 3 years. She has worked on many recruiting projects throughout the years. Below is Nat’s experience prior to working with Entrust Research & Recruiting. Natalie completed numerous client relations and management courses. She has previous experience managing several businesses. One was a restoration company where she successfully helped restructure and grow the company both locally and in Thailand, She also has years of experience managing several salons. She serves on the board at her children’s school and helps recruit and advocate for special needs programs. She also enjoys assisting with many local fundraisers.

Randi Harvey

Randi has been contracting with Entrust R & R for over 3 years. She has worked on many recruiting projects throughout the years. Below is Randi’s experience prior to working with Entrust Research & Recruiting. Randi received her Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from Northeastern University in Boston, MA.   She has previously worked in Administrative roles supporting upper level executives, all while she worked her way through college.   While balancing family and work, Randi started a home based business. In this role, she served various clients as an Independent Consultant and soon achieved Team Leader. She continued to grow her business successfully for ten years through excellent client care. She also enjoyed working as a substitute teacher for two years in the local school district. Currently, Randi is successfully growing the client base, performing Inside Sales and telemarketing functions for a window cleaning company. Her follow up skills along with her excellent communication, organizational and customer service skills have added to her success. In the community, Randi enjoys ministry work with her family and team of friends in the local community soup kitchen and ringing bells for Salvation Army around Christmas time.