Entrust Research & Recruiting Testimonials

Dan Berlin – Research Director – Mad*Pow

Kim is a fantastic participant recruiter. She has pulled me out of many a jam by finding hard-to-recruit study participants. Kim does not just rely on her existing database – she is a creative thinker and finds ways to get people with obscure demographics in the door. She is always cheerful, responsive, and ready to help. It is a pleasure to work with Kim.

Lisa Fitch – Qualitative Customer Insights at Bose Corporation

As a qualitative customer researcher, I have learned time and time again that actionable research insights relies strongly on a great participant sample. Kim at Entrust has been a vital part of our research process in my team and, frankly, we don’t know what we would do without her. When we have a complex recruit, Kim is creative and thorough in her recruiting process, and we can always trust her as a partner. She asks thoughtful questions to ensure she delivers on what was asked of her. I cannot recommend Kim enough – but hopefully this recommendation won’t make her too busy to work with my group!

Lena Dmitrieva – Bentley User Experience Center

Kim is amazing at what she does. She is incredibly thorough and professional in her work. She is very punctual providing regular updates on her progress. Kim has great communication skills and is a pleasure to work with. She anticipates potential problems and always makes sure we are on the same page regarding how we may want to handle them.

Sean Ryan – Qualitative Consumer Research at Bose Corporation

Kim has been great to work with on multiple projects. Her energy and enthusiasm makes me confident that she will have no problems in talking to people and soliciting their interest in a study. She is very detail-oriented and thorough in creating recruiting screeners, which shows up in the quality of the study participants she recruits.

Colin Hynes – President at UX inc.

I have known Kim since 2005 when I hired her as a member of the Usability team at Staples. What compelled me to hire Kim was her quick mind, personable nature, professionalism and desire to excel. Over the years at Staples Kim surpassed the high expectations I had while she built the research recruiting capacity at Staples in addition to juggling many other important projects.

Kelly Schuttinger – Marketing Analyst at PC Connection

I have worked with Kim on numerous projects over the past few years. She ensures she understands the objective of my research, as well as my timeline. Kim and her team always work to meet my deadlines, no matter how tight. The quality of her work and her willingness to consistently meet my needs keeps her at the top of my vendor list.

Bill Albert – Executive Director of the Bentley User Experience Center

Kim is simply amazing. She has been one of our recruiters for usability studies for years now. She continually impresses me. She can literally find any type of customer, in any geography. She is very creative, hard working, and organized. I have a great amount of trust in her, and it is always a pleasure to work with her.

Sean Angerman – Senior Usability Manager at Staples

I’ve had the good fortune to work with Kim in various capacities over the last few years. Most recently, Kim has been an essential component of many Usability research projects by providing timely, cost-effective, high-quality participant recruiting services. Without Kim’s help, many of our studies would not have happened on-time or on-budget. Kim can always be counted on.

Kelly Wolf (Faidell) – International Ecommerce UX Analyst at Staples Europe

Kim has been recruiting for our team since 2006 and has consistently done a great job. Her deep understanding of the work that we do and the care that she takes in ensuring the proper participants make her my top choice for a recruiter. She is extremely reliable – I have even had a client comment on how good the participants were during a study. I would definitely recommend her.

Chris Hass – Mad*Pow

Kim is one of only a few “go to” consultants for my most challenging and time-sensitive UX research study recruiting. Whenever I’m seeking demographically difficult study participants (medical personnel, patients, persons with disabilities) her creativity, energy, and enthusiasm make her successful where other larger “brand name” agencies fail or fear to tread. Her ability to locate whomever a project calls for strengthens my research team’s ability to deliver quality study participants and therefore successful studies to my clients.

Kim is a pleasure to work with and provides insightful, collaborative, and reliable services.

Surabhi Mahapatra – Bose.com

Kim expanded the boundaries of what I thought possible in working with a research recruiter. Beyond the traditional aspects of research recruiting, including screening and scheduling interviews, she worked with me to brainstorm research objectives and strategy so we could make sure that the participant sample was as robust and specific as it needed to be. In providing such highly personalized attention, Kim quickly developed a deep level of trust with me. This in turn freed me up to focus on other elements of the project.